Creating Love and Happiness with Unique and Colorful Designs

My shop blossomed out of a love to create and make something that would bring joy and happiness. Color, flowers, nature and everything else in between has been my inspiration. Looking and seeing beyond the object, to see something beyond the surface. Colors that fuse together to make the pattern come alive.

I love color, it's vibrant, fascinating and inspiring and can create a mood. I try to use as much color as I can in my scarf patterns to see all the colors fused together to create something really special.

My painted pots are a reflection of color as well, and I love to create flowers and designs that reflect a certain mood on the pot. The pots and scarfs are my blank canvases that become their own work of art.

As I add to my product list, I hope you will stop by to check out the new happenings.

I am very grateful to Etsy and the Etsy community to be able to share my products with a worldwide audience. Thank you for stopping by my shop to take a look. My hope is to bring you products that will bring a bit of happiness into your life. The gift is in making things that bring joy through colorful designs.

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